About Us

Welcome to the Estonian Ostomy Association homepage

Estonia is the most northern and the smallest of three Baltic states. Our population is about 1.3 millions inhabitants and approximately 12 hundreds ostomists. Roughly about 70% of these ostomist have colostomy, 20% urostomy and 10% ileostomy.

To connect these people and to make their life a bit easier an association was founded in 1993 – ESTILCO. In foundation meeting there where 48 persons – ostomists, medical people and also members of Finnish ostomy association FINNILCO. ESTILCO was officially registered in 26th of June 1995.

Now we have 32 members. People are living in different places, not so close to big centres. That's why the club meetings are once in month. Bigger events are organized once or twice in year. Mostly the reason of ostomy creation is some kind of cancer, so we have often common action with other cancer patients. Together with Estonian Cancer Union have taken place some summer meetings and courses.

Our ostomists have visited Finland, Latvia and Sweden. During these 15 years we have excursions all around of Estonia.

For ostomy people the most important problem is adequate supply. Our first modern ostomy appliance came to Estonia only in 1992. Before that time people were using clothes, paper, plastic bags, cans etc. Now in Estonia there are 2 companies – mostly ConvaTec Ltd and smaller part has Coloplast.

From history – in 1994 thanks to Coloplast in Tallinn Cancer Center the first consulting office for ostomy patients was opened. In same year our only ET nurse has been trained in Danmark. Now in surgery departments of bigger hospitals there are many nurses who are involved in stoma care. Big problem is home service of ostomy patients in country side and villages of Estonia.

Talking about appliances we have probably adequate choice to manage with stoma care. But Estonia is so small country to have and offer to our people the most modern equipment. The ostomists have to pay 10% of the cost of stoma appliances, 90% pays health insurance.

Mostly people with stoma have positive mentality. They understand that the worst things are behind and living with stoma is possible.